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Individual therapy is only a component of a comprehensive program necessary in supporting the addict- internet, sex, porn, alcohol/drug abuse struggling with recovery. That is why, I refer clients addressing issues of addiction to the recovery groups sponsored by Del Sol Church;

They offer a combination of Twelve Steps, spiritual support and community support for both males and females and their love ones.

Internet addiction

August 11th, 2012 | Posted by Anastacia Martinez in Internet - (1 Comments)

If you wondering whether or not you have a problem with your internet use or, if you are obsessed with porn use? There is any easy and very accessible self-test available – ironically enough- on the internet. I have used this test in my practice, and I also recommend it to people who are considering taking that first step in taking the effects of their internet use more seriously but are too ashamed to disclose their concerns to others.  It is also useful to those who are not quiet ready to go full force into treatment, but may be considering it. The test is brief, easy, accessible and valid.

You may be able to access this test at