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Divorce Poison

August 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Anastacia Martinez in Parenting

Your ex has been carrying a campaign to brainwash your children against you. how can this behavior be identified?
There is no guilt when the other parent is mistreated.
There are trivial explanations for the hatred.
Polarization: The alienated parent is all bad in the eyes of the child.
The child thinks this is his truth, without acknowledging the influence of the alienating parent.
The child tends to repeat things he/she has heard the alienating parent said about the alienated parent.
The child minimized the contributions and well wishes of the alienated parent.
Unfortunately, this is a very difficult situation to overcome.

Alienated parents can benefit from therapy to seek affirmation of their value as parents, and avoid defeatist attitude about
the situation as well as heal from the trauma of the separation.

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