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May 12, 2004 . The carved masks and, later, wood sculptures of the Yoruba brought . late 19th or early 20th century, Nigerian, Yoruban, Igbomina Subgroup.

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TN no other part of West Africa has the art of wood-carving flourished extent as in the Yoruba country in south-western Nigeria. Even to this part of Africa . Age existence into the whirl of our century of the internal combustion engine-of plastics.

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Pair of Yoruba twin figures ( ibeji), wood, from Efon Alaye, Nigeria. . Lega iginga figure (an initiation object), wood with plastic beads, Lega culture, Northern.

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Lot 88 : A YORUBA PAIR OF MALE TWIN FIGURES . Lot 183 : TWO CARVED WOOD IBEJI FIGURES . Yoruba peoples, Nigeria Plastic, metal Taller 25 cm

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Keywords Aso-oke, Southwestern Nigeria, Yoruba, Artifact. 1. Introduction . instruments (wooden and metal) used in the weaving process and those that have been . problems faced in acquiring these 'metalised plastic threads' which has.

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in Yoruba Thorn Wood Carvings: . Nigerian art in terms of, well, contemporary Nigerian art, tourist art? .. The Yoruba would call that plastic Oriental thing,.

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At its core, the ere ibeji is formed out of the wood of the ire tree. .. Manufactured plastic dolls are readily available in Yorubaland, often made in Nigeria.

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Africa | Door panel from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Carved wood. . from vk.com · Plastic Sculptures by Donatas Zukauskas. Outdoor SculptureWood.

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Africa | Yoruba Door, Nigeria | Among the Yoruba, doors embellished with . Africa | Door from the Igala people of Bassa Province, northern Nigeria | Pale wood.

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Masquerades in Iganna; S.O. Babayemi, Egungun among the Oyo Yoruba; . Yoruba peoples; Nigeria, Mid-20th century; cloth, plastic, wood; Flat: 175.3 x 121.9.