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17 Jul 2015 . The connection between living trees and trinidad's prehistory . (common name: Angelin). . at the National Herbarium of trinidad and tobago, and one for National Museums Liverpool) and a small wood sample the main .

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This category contains articles related to the native trees of trinidad and tobago. Taxa of the lowest rank are always included. Higher taxa are included only if endemic. This category follows the World Geographical Scheme for Recording .

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it exists it modifies its environment to the detriment of some tree species and the apparent benefit of others. .. Timber produc- tion in Arena Forest Reserve was halted in the late. 1980's as it was felt the Reserve no longer contained adequate .

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26 Jun 2012 . Detailed maps of tropical forest types are within reach: Forest tree communities for trinidad and . c trinidad and tobago Forestry Division, Long Circular Road, St. Joseph, trinidad and tobago d Fanning Software . nant species that Beard mentions in addition to the timber species. Data for training and .

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This dry forest ecoregion comprises only about 5% of the land area of the island-nation of trinidad and tobago. . On trinidad, the principal forest types are: tropical rain forest, semi-deciduous rain forest, littoral woodland, deciduous seasonal woodland, . Prominent trees in this area include Lonchocarpus punctatus, Bursera simaruba, Machaerium robinifolium and . in wildlife sanctuaries, including the Caroni Swamp, exploitation of timber was a threatening activity (Chalmers 1981).

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Contents. 1 List of species. 1.1 Native species. 1.1.1 Acanthaceae; 1.1.2 Anacardiaceae; 1.1.3 Annonaceae; 1.1.4 Apocynaceae; 1.1.5 Arecaceae; 1.1.6 Araliaceae; 1.1.7 Bignoniaceae; 1.1.8 Bombacaceae; 1.1.9 .

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Explore plants from trinidad and tobago in the Caribbean in this collection of herbarium sheets. . Carapa guianensis. This tree belongs to the same family as Mahogany and its' timber is also used to.

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in which about 75 genera and 1,300 species . girth of 26 feet or more. The trees in the older plantations on the island of trinidad have tall, cylindrical, slightly fluted . wood. trees 15 years and older have ap- proximately seven annular rings of sap wood. The wood of teak is strong . and garden in trinidad and tobago.

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S. mahagoni, often called West indies mahogany, is a tropical tree native to the Caribbean islands, United States (Florida), and . S. mahagoni wood is durable and highly resistant to decay and insect attack. . Because genuine mahogany (the three species of the Swietenia genus) has been highly valued, populations of S.

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27 Dec 2006 . The species ranges from southern Newfoundland to the lake of the woods in Ontario. Sugar Maple requires moist .. This is one of the principle cone-bearing coniferous trees of the Caribbean region. This species grows in the .

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trinidad and tobago's strong tradition in forest management means that SFM has a good footing in the country; however, significant . Most timber production derives from planted forests; the main species are teak and Caribbean pine. At least .

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The Caribbean. With Special Reference to. The West indies. The Guianas. and British Honduras by. Franklin R. Longwood . onomic studies of tropical trees and woods may result in slight . Most tropical American tree species and tim-.

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Explore plants from trinidad and tobago in the Caribbean in this collection of herbarium sheets. . Carapa guianensis. This tree belongs to the same family as Mahogany and its' timber is also used to.

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such variables as growing stock, wood and non-wood products, carbon, protected areas, use of forests for recreation .. Land not classified as Forest, spanning more than 0.5 hectares; with trees higher . indigenous Forests of trinidad and tobago. 1980. Government of trinidad and. tobago. H. Forest cover, forest type.

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When reviewing tropical forest management in South America and the Caribbean, for example, Synnott . Timber in trinidad currently derives from a range of sources and land types: state forest reserves holding natural forest . the management for timber of trees and forest on private and non-reserved state land. Exploring .

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We stock the finest quality trinidad Teak wood, plus many other exotic or domestic hardwoods. . It is more affordable and in an abundant supply due to the harvesting practices set in to place by the Ministry of Forestry of trinidad and tobago. . Other Names: Teak, Tecca, Caribbean Teak, Black Heart Teak; Origin: Native trinidad, W.I.; Appearance: Heartwood light golden yellow . Since the tree is not as mature as a 100 year old Burmese Teak tree the grain tends to be wild to wavy.

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(d) all wood whether cut up or fashioned for a purpose or not.;. (c) deleting the definition tree and substituting the following definition: tree includes. (a) all species of trees listed in the. Second Schedule; and. (b) bamboo, palms and .

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31 Aug 2012 . trinidad and tobago forest environment teak plantations Moruga Cat's Hill Reserve birds animals snakes butterflies trinidad hunting wildlife. . in comparison, a large teak plantation has been carved out of the forest which is maintained and logged for timber. . Several native tree species have managed to grow within the teak fields and include useful fruiting trees such as Hogplum .


trinidad and tobago; and. (b) all lands vested in the State, whether by forfeiture, escheat, purchase or exchange, and not dedicated to the public;. timber includes. (a) all species of trees listed in the Second Schedule whether standing .

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increasing demand for Mora timber and release funds for replanting of existing scrub areas . is the most abundant single tree species in trinidad. . U.K. Forestry Commission officer on secondment to trinidad and tobago Government. 128.