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top of a finished room may not sound like the best . deck Over. Living Space. Sloped framing, a carefully installed membrane, and good flashing details are key to this watertight roof . membrane. EPDM roofing. Our roofer, Jim McKenna, prepared the roof surface by installing an underlayment over the T&G deck ply. . roof deck Over Living Space. Copper drip-edge. Copper gutter, run to drywell. 5/4 decking. Tapered 2x6 sleepers with rubber .. The wood shingle sid- ing on this job .

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Dibiten smooth surfaced membranes are as ideally suit- ed for general . tive layer of roofing paper between the Dibiten mem- brane and . Depending on the deck type, the membrane should be applied as . Dibiten membrane using wood sleepers (supports), an extra strip .. Install the top surfacing of concrete and any top.

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19 Aug 2012 . Before we look at how to build a deck on a flat roof, here's an example of what not to do - As debris settled into the cracks of the gravel roof it . With the new deck we're running the sleepers parallel to the slope of a new rubber membrane, water will run-off like its on a duck's back. . Also when you put the sleepers on top of the epdm which is on top of the 1/2 insulation and plywood. . Pine is not an ideal material for decking kind of a soft wood and tends to be knotty.

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Waterproofing membrane for wood decks - There are a lot of people who hear about deck stains and deck sealants and they get confused between the two. .. Flat roof decking in old roofs used to be like floor boards and was called a.

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29 Jun 2018 . The problem with wooden roof top decks in Chicago (Why do people ruin their flat roofs?) . sometimes with a second piece of roof membrane as a cushion, and nailing or screwing wooden planks to these support sleepers.

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29 Oct 2011 . JMLCUSTOM.COM BOSTon RUBBER roof/roof deck PROJECT.

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We include walk-on roof surfaces, roofing membrane to use below a rooftop deck, and construction of rooftop deck . EPDM is often installed over a base layer of fiberboard or rigid insulation, but most EPDM membranes can bond directly to a sanded wood underlayment such as a 1/4-inch AC plywood. . To gain one half inch, will it work to use 5/4 by four cedar sleepers with 2x6 deck boards on top

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1 Jun 2010 . The existing deck, with a surface of 2x6 pressure-treated lumber, rested upon wood sleepers placed directly on a poorly installed and leaking rubber membrane roof. . To begin, we demolished the old deck and stripped the roofing membrane and corroded parapet flashing, . As with the original surface, we planned for the new decking to sit a few inches below the top of the parapet.

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10 Sep 2014 . Hardwood decking is then fastened to tapered pressure-treated sleepers that rest on additional strips of EPDM . The rubber roofing I've been using for 15 yearsa glue-down, 60-mil EPDM membrane from International .

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When you have an uneven surface, it is best to use the regular IB roofing membrane with a wooden deck over it. If you still want to use deck Shield for a retrofit roof deck project, expect the additional costs of making your roof surface even. Roof Top Deck Construction

3 Sep 2017 . Occasionally, a project is presented where a deck will be built over a flat roof of a house or a garage. . back; Composite decking · deck Hardware · wood Materials . Next, you will need to install a watertight EPMD rubber membrane over the top of the roof deck for protection against water infiltration . Then, you will install sleepers or flat 2x6s laid flat every 16 on top of the roof surface.

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See more. Torch-down sleeper deck . This Newton project called for us to build a deck on top of an existing flat roof which had been leaking into the living room below, the source of the leak came. Find this Pin .. Gutter runs parallel with the deck to drain water collected by the rubber membrane stapled onto deck. . Updating your deck is a snap with deck tiles that quickly cover weathered wood decks, .

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This wooden deck was built over her screen porch and on top of a flat roof. . Note: Ice and Water Shield is a self-adhering membrane that is mostly used as roofing underlayment because of its ability to provide leak protection for sloped roofs .

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decking. Over a. roof. EPDM membrane. Tapered sleeper. 12-in. fiber roof underlayment. 34-in. plywood sheathing. COPYRIGHT . by roofing-supply houses. fibeR unDeRlayMent. PRoteCts roofing. Drip edge. EPDM membrane. Peel-and-stick. EPDM tape . In most cases, though, I'd simply buy membrane big enough to . The next step was to lay out the sleepers 16 in. on center, on top of the joists .

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17 Oct 2014 . Unfortunately, the building code does not offer a lot of guidance on the best building details for this type of construction. The building code is . The drainage system, flashing details, and waterproofing membrane that go over the structural deck are the key to success. The most . rooftop decking attaches to treated wood sleepers separated from the roofing by strips of EPDM. It's best to .

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10 Jul 2013 . In a rooftop application, limiting or (preferably) eliminating all perforations in the roof membrane are important . Proper ventilation helps the wood decking to acclimate properly and move with changes in the EMC . While it is true that hidden fasteners can be used effectively in deck design, we believe that the best design and construction practice for a deck being built over sleepers .

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12 May 2013 . roof decks should be laid down on top of roof surfaces without attaching the deck to the roof. . Prior to installing a sleeper deck, the roof should be inspected by a roofing contractor to ensure that the roof is in good enough shape to allow for a deck. . Any framing toughing the deck is wrapped in either roofing felt or synthetic felt to prevent roof surface damage . Either treated wood, cedar, teak, or redwood should be used for deck surfaces if natural wood is desired.

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1 Sep 2008 . Posts on a rooftop deck; new decking on old framing. . Maine, responds: I've been building wood decks with safe railings over flat EPDM roofs on the rainy coast of Maine for over . Second, I mount the posts with hardware that bolts to the top of the deck (Figure 1). . should be as long as possible without protruding from the bottom of the sleepers and putting holes in the roof membrane.