can tongue and groove wood be infested with termites

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in wood. They hollow out wood or excavate insulation to build their nests. Unlike termites, they do not eat wood. Outdoors . An infestation usually begins when part of an existing colony moves into a house. The presence of carpenter ants can indicate that a building has .. tongue-and-groove construction;. window and .

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In addition to off-gassing, older wood has other unique issues to consider such as insects and in particular, termites. wood with termites can bring an infestation into your home, something that is decidedly unwise. Specialists can easily tell you .

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13 Apr 2016 . termites are very destructive pests, their insatiable hunger for wood causes billions of dollars worth of damage in the US alone each year. These cling insects can cause major structural damage to a property in just six .

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4 days ago . If you put your ear close to any wood infested by termites you can hear them munching away. . A recent study carried out in the eating habits of termites found that these wood addict insects work faster when they hear rock .

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termites may excavate the wood so that only a very thin layer of wood is left on the surface of the cavity and the outside. . Mud tubes or shelter tubes are proof of termite infestation, but their absence does not necessarily mean that a structure .

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Termidor Foam is the preferred option over Termidor SC when treating an active infestation of termites behind a wall. When performing a spot .. How do I inject Termidor in stained, tongue and groove wood ceiling? My house has an open .

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Home-invading termites prefer soft, rotting, or fungus-infested wood with high moisture content. For this reason, most termite infestations start with wood that touches or is located close to the soil. Homeowners may reduce the chances of .

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After 15 years, the dry wood termite colony will have grown to approximately 3,000 individuals. Drywood termites do not need a source of water and live off of the water that is produced from the digestion of the cellulose. Drywood termites infest .