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21 May 2012 . repair your boat deck with AeroMarine Products' 8# pour foam and 300/21 epoxy resin. For more information and to order products, please contact us at www.aer.

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how to repair plywood rot or delamination with marine ply, especially on the hull of a small boat. . I'm renovating an 18' tollycraft Roustabout that was originally manufactured with a 1/4" marine plywood bow deck overlaid with a thin .

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25 Aug 2016 . It's not unusual for moisture to find its way into this wooden core. Stanchion bases and chainplates often leak as a boat ages, and often holes are drilled in the deck for new hardware, anchoring systems or dinghy tie downs, .

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23 Feb 2012 . Original question: Curious on the floor repair, as my boat has a similar area on the starboard side with rot that I will be attacking. My plan was to cut thr.

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1 Aug 2015 . Lets rip up the floor in this old McKee Craft. tools Used: Ryobi Drill Set: Hole Saw Set: Ryobi Circular Saw: h.

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1 Feb 2016 . Using Rhino wood repair we repaired the inside bottom of a boat.

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19 Oct 2016 . Phone: +61 2 9533 5470 Email: Why Bote-Cote? It's SAFER It's EASY to USE There's NO AMINE BLUSH It's AUSSIE MADE Bote Cote Marine E.

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6 Jun 2017 . boat floor repair & Dry Rot. With a boat floor made out of wood, dry rot will be one of the primary problems you have to deal with. First, acquire a Git-Rot kit for yourself. This kit includes a two-part liquid epoxy that soaks into .

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10 Sep 2017 . how to fix a rotten boat floor. | how to repair wood in a boat The Purpose of this channel is not to HIRING or look for employees It is only to gave you an i.

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27 Jun 2013 . replacing boat floor 16 foot fiberglass 1965 Crestliner.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing a Rotting Boat Floor .

After you have cleaned the area, you will want to remove all of the damaged wood. This will be very easy to do because it will literally be crumbling. You cannot repair the boat floor while rotten wood remains as it will only continue to rot.

1977 Bob Hammond Boat Stringer Floor Repair Replacement Part 1 .

24 Aug 2014 . Bought this boat a while back and after a few seasons of use found soft spots in the floor. floor is rotton and plan on doing some repairs "on the cheap" for.

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14 Feb 2017 . At the end of the season in 1999, my boat convinced me that it needed a new floor. It said, "If you . I went to several websites and found that the ones that talked about repairing floors and the like were basically shills for products. . I also cut to fit wood for the stringers that had to be replaced or reinforced. 4.

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23 Jan 2017 . This is the third episode in the series where we take an old bass boat and make her water worthy again. Shout out to TackleJunky81!