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Apr 14, 2014 . The Pope's Island Marina Facility is comprised of a timber pile supported fixed pier .. displacement of the deck system has created trip hazards at the joints. . 16: Cracking and trip hazards along the concrete deck panels.

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Cracking in bridge decks accelerates the penetration of water, sulfates, chloride and . rosive agents through the concrete where they can damage the steel.

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Jun 26, 2015 . shrinkage cracking then the traditional WSDOT specification. 17. . The bridges included in this trip are near the Keechelus Lake and Spokane areas .. Pier 1. The contract used the 2008 WSDOT Standard Specifications which include the . Figure 59 - Steel Plate Girder Bridge Deck Construction Joints.

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Deck & Dock will lock down splinters and bridge dimensionally unstable cracks on old damaged wood . Can be used on new wood, old wood, or concrete.

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Relationships of material properties/proportions and concrete deck cracking. Concrete Deck . Expansion joints accomodate concrete movement, reducing the potential for cracking. . Cracks are most commonly found near the pier location.

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Read chapter Chapter Two - Types and Causes of Concrete Cracking in Bridges : TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis.

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Jul 30, 2012 . Abstract. Bridges have traditionally relied on a system of expansion joints and flexible bearings to . for cracking. Models for steel and concrete beam bridges showed that both .. Figure 12. Transverse cracking over pier/negative moment region (Bridge No. . Bull floating the concrete surface (test unit 3) .

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Cracking in composite concrete/metal decking floor slabs. Composite concrete/profiled steel sheet slabs are a popular form of construction for suspended floor.

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To achieve these goals, recent studies on the cause of bridge deck cracking . of cracking in concrete decks that were constructed with the different mix designs .. the expansion joint at pier #6 to the crack, and the transverse distance from the .. joints between girders and to add a small amount of transverse unbonded.

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Many concrete bridge decks develop transverse cracking and most of these cracks develop at early ages, .. Watson Creek Bridge (West Bound): Cracked continuity joints (bridge .. -Continuous Spans Over Pier: #5@8(B), #5@71/2(T).