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Richlite is a paper-based fiber composite material manufactured by Richlite Company. .. With solid-color tops and two- to three-tone edges, this collection offers.

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Nonporous, heat and water resistant, the paper composite material can withstand . The panels are then slowly cooled to produce a solid, stable sheet material.

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Paper composite panels are a phenolic resin/cellulose composite material made from partially . While it is formed of many layers of paper laminated together, it appears to be a solid material, and as such is not considered to be a sandwich.

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Paper Composite panels have become a popular material for interior and exterior architectural surfaces. This durable, waterproof material can provide superior.

Innovative architectural materials - solid paper composites, recycled .

Surface Matter works with and distributes solid paper composite, recycled HDPE and PETG or Acrylic honeycomb panels for interior and exterior design.

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Watercolor Paper Panel - 1/8 Aluminum Composite Material- Normal 0 false false . as a strong adhesive, these panels have an exquisite layer of Arches 260 lb.

Paper Composite Siding - Richlite Rainshadow from Intectural

Intectural brings Richlite's Rainshadow, a paper composite available in four colors: . marine, extreme sports and architectural markets, the through-color panels are . Because Richlite is a solid color all the way through, when scratches do.