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Inside Out, Outside In

February 4th, 2014 | Posted by Memo in Uncategorized

When we come across a person that is smiling, it makes us feel comfortable and it gives us a reason to trust the person.  Granted, just because a person smiles, that does not mean we should trust the person completely, it is only a single factor among many.  Smiling shows confidence and a sense of happiness, it shows that we are at ease with ourselves and others in our lives.  So, what goes on inside of us, affects what goes on outside.

Many times, we don’t want to be perceived as fake.  Many of us think that if we don’t feel confident or happy, then we don’t have a right to smile.  Research has shown, however, that one can work on the outside to make changes on the inside creating a more positive cycle.  That means that if we are upset or hopeless and we show an expression of being upset and hopeless, we will continue to feel upset and hopeless.  If we smile more often, this will help us feel happier and at ease which will translate into a more natural smile showing happiness which will translate into feeling happier.

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