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Leading by Example

January 30th, 2014 | Posted by Memo in Children | Parenting

Sometimes we ask from others, including our children, to behave a certain way.  “Have manners, don’t disrespect the elder, share, don’t waste the water, don’t throw the trash on the floor, don’t be aggressive, don’t drink, don’t smoke” and so many others.  Yet, we might chew with our mouth open, be aggressive to others, drink, smoke, use foul language, etc.  It’s the old adage, “don’t do as I.”  But, can we realistically ask from others what we don’t expect to do?

If you think about  it, those expectations not only might be one sided, but they might be false expectations.  People, especially children, have a need of belonging and in order to be accepted, we tend to do as others do.  So a child that wants to be accepted by his father might curse as his father does and if his father punishes him for it, there might be confusion in the child but, unconsciously, his need of belonging might make him still do as his father does.  Food for thought.

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