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Military spouses

October 30th, 2012 | Posted by Anastacia Martinez in Military

I see i lot of military in my practice- I admire and respect their sacrifice. Military spouses, though, are the unsung heroes. They go unnoticed by the mass media, and generally unappreciated. My hat is off to them.

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  • My mother was the wife of a Navy Chief, who bore six chiladdren, and who woekrd whenadever it was needed. The miladiadtary made ceradtain promises to the wives who waited at home with the chiladdren. Chiladdren did withadout their fathers and mothaders nuradtured chiladdren, woekrd, and when he came home, everyadthing was supadposed to become his to rule as the head of houseadhold. The adjustadments were insane.When we marry, we promise to love, honor, and proadtect each other, in sickadness and in health. That doesn’t mean that when some litadtle chippy ocmes along and wigadgles her fanny, he gets to divorce the old model and reward the new one, leavading her withadout to raise chiladdren and to creadate a life that she was denied while he was in the military.I’m the mother of five chiladdren, 3 of whom were from his first maradriage. I travadeled with him wheradever the miladiadtary sent him. I was NOT an officer’s wife. She cheated on him, and he caught her and took picadtures. She wanted the divorce. He was at sea every three months, and she was drinkading and every child was comading out deformed. He and I have known each other from childadhood and had I known, I might have told him that I loved him long before we got together. She left, signed divorce papers, paid for by him, and in the papers, she signed her rights away.He and I have been maradried some 31 years now. Our chiladdren are grown and we’re enjoyading our grandadchiladdren. Do you mean to say that she can come back out of the blue and coladlect against his and my retireadment? Yes, I went to coladlege. I paid those fees. I became disadabled, but I woekrd from home then. We bought our home, paid our insuradances, he got out of the miladiadtary with a disadabiladity and gets a check from the VA, and he works as well. He will be eliadgiadble to take early retireadment in November.I think I would take her to court before I would see her coladlect one red cent. I raised her chiladdren. She took no responadsiadbiladity, and I will be damned before she takes one red cent that my husadband woekrd and earned, or that I cried over being sepadaadrated from him while he dida0it.Those of you who are very busy denadiadgratading the first wife, are obviadously the secadond ones who wigadgled your litadtle fanny. Oh yes, if she was a decent wife and he left, I would fight just as hard to help her get every dime that is hera0due.It depends on the ciradcumadstances in every case and not every miladiadtary man is honorable.

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