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New Year Resolutions: Good or Bad?

December 31st, 2013 | Posted by Memo in Uncategorized

If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you. - Les Brown


Year after year, many a resolution is made. To weight, to leave the cigarrettes in the past, to make my family a priority, to get along better with others, to let go of the resentments, etc. Yet only 8% of Americans keep their resolutions. This brings up the question then, is it worth making a resolution when we know we have a 92% chance of not making them a reality?

One issue with the resolutions that we set for ourselves is that the bar might be set too high. In order to keep them, we have to make sure that the end result is fulfilled at 100%, meaning that if my resolution was to lose 20 pounds, I will not be happy by losing even 19 pounds. Many of us may see this as a failure and give up our healthy lifestyle in disgrace.
A solution to this might be smaller goals instead of a large one. For example, one could set a resolution of losing 5 pounds, which is easier than 20, and when that goal is achieved, setting a goal of 5 more pounds. It is human nature that success brings us some happiness and it also makes us more determined. If one loses 5 pounds, then one could be excited about those other 5 pounds to come!
Another problem is that we usually go at it without some kind of support system. By doing so, we internalize everything and make decisions with only one point of view. When working for our goals, it is advisable to involve others as well. This includes family, friends and professionals, including counselors. By involving others, we feel the need to stay commited. Not only that, but as the saying goes, “two heads think better than one!” By having a counselor guide us, we are able to find more solutions to our problems and easier ways to get to our goals.
So, resolutions can be helpful, but it all depends on how you work with them and how you work for them. May 2014 bring you success, happiness and fulfillments.

Enjoy the journey!

- Guillermo

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