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Couples Counseling of El Paso’s mission is to provide professional and high quality counseling and therapy services in El Paso, TX. We strive to help couples, families, and individuals uncover their true potentials in order to lead a stronger, happier, and well-adjusted life.

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We at Couples Counseling of El Paso cannot change difficult situations of the past, but we can work together to resolve challenges in your life. By applying highly personalized therapy approaches and techniques tailored to you and your loved one needs, we will help you attain the personal growth and meaningful life you are striving for.

Anastacia Martinez, a licensed professional counselor and anger therapist in El Paso, TX will tailor an approach to meet your needs in a wide range of issues, including: marriage, divorce, anger, stress, parenting support, family issues, trauma, couples, parenting, self esteem issues, conflicts, depression and issues involving the internet and infidelity.

Ms. Martinez has the experience and professional skills that enable her to define your problem and create a plan and a therapy that will work best for you as an individual, for your marriage, family or your loved ones. Whether you prefer family, marriage, couple, individual or group interaction, Ms. Martinez will use an effective and evidenced-based therapy, technique and method to help you reach your goals.


Couples Counseling of El Paso respects the personal nature of information provided and shared in a clinical setting. All information revealed and matters shared with Couples Counseling of El Paso and its counselor are kept private and confidential to any individuals or agencies outside of therapy.

The law protects the relationship between a client and a psychotherapist, and information cannot be disclosed without written permission.

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New Year Resolutions: Good or Bad?

December 31st, 2013 | Posted by Memo in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you. - Les Brown


Year after year, many a resolution is made. To weight, to leave the cigarrettes in the past, to make my family a priority, to get along better with others, to let go of the resentments, etc. Yet only 8% of Americans keep their resolutions. This brings up the question then, is it worth making a resolution when we know we have a 92% chance of not making them a reality?

One issue with the resolutions that we set for ourselves is that the bar might be set too high. In order to keep them, we have to make sure that the end result is fulfilled at 100%, meaning that if my resolution was to lose 20 pounds, I will not be happy by losing even 19 pounds. Many of us may see this as a failure and give up our healthy lifestyle in disgrace.
A solution to this might be smaller goals instead of a large one. For example, one could set a resolution of losing 5 pounds, which is easier than 20, and when that goal is achieved, setting a goal of 5 more pounds. It is human nature that success brings us some happiness and it also makes us more determined. If one loses 5 pounds, then one could be excited about those other 5 pounds to come!
Another problem is that we usually go at it without some kind of support system. By doing so, we internalize everything and make decisions with only one point of view. When working for our goals, it is advisable to involve others as well. This includes family, friends and professionals, including counselors. By involving others, we feel the need to stay commited. Not only that, but as the saying goes, “two heads think better than one!” By having a counselor guide us, we are able to find more solutions to our problems and easier ways to get to our goals.
So, resolutions can be helpful, but it all depends on how you work with them and how you work for them. May 2014 bring you success, happiness and fulfillments.

Enjoy the journey!

- Guillermo

Thanking the New Beginnings

November 26th, 2013 | Posted by Memo in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Show no fear
For she may fade away…
In your hand
The birth of a new day…

- Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey “The Never Ending Story”


Have you ever felt that when things go bad you have a bad day and things get worse so your day gets worse?  It’s like a never ending cycle that keeps going forever and ever.  It seems impossible to stop thinking about how things are going wrong for us, doesn’t it?

“I woke up late, so I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast.  I was rushing through traffic, but some people decide to go slow on the left lane of the highway.  I’m still hungry.  Finally made it to work to find that I have a new pile of projects waiting on my desk while I haven’t finished yesterday’s work!  My boss is mean to me, my wife is mean to me, even my dog seems to be indifferent now.  It’s freezing and I have an allergy.  It’s not even 9 o’clock yet and yes, I’m still hungry…..”

This is everyday life for some.  It even irritates us that Joe from the accounting department is mostly in a good mood.  How could he have no problems at all?  Who wouldn’t like to trade places with someone else for a day?

Well, maybe if we got to see what Joe is going through we could point out many troubles throughout his life.  Ailing mother, debts, a side business that didn’t make it, rusty pipes at home that would cost thousands of dollars to fix, etc.  How would we react?  Would we be able to be in a good mood?  Perhaps it’s not his life or even ours that makes a difference, perhaps is just us.  Could I have a bad moment during the day?  Definitely!  Should it make or break my day?  Well, that’s a different story and entirely up to you.

Changing a habit is not easy, any habit.  Having a bad day everyday or almost everyday is a habit worth changing.  Breaking the cycle of a mentality that could even affect our physical health.  Our job as mental health providers is to help the client out from a third person perspective, but everyone can begin the process at any point before even setting foot in our office.

One way to do it is to be thankful.  I have found that a list of gratitude sets the pace of change.  Maybe Joe is thankful for having many years of enjoying his now sick mother.  Maybe the business he had left him with accounting experience he’s able to use in his work.  He also seems to have a home where pipes need to be fixed, but it’s still a home.

Here’s today’s challenge.  Can you find things that you are grateful for?  If it does feel hard to, would you at least be able to be thankful for just waking up?  It’s a small step, and huge or tiny, a step is a step towards change.

Thanksgiving is here and it’s time to start to get rid of old unhealthy habits and creating new ones.  Learning to set our day instead of the situations doing so.  It’s never too late!

Thank you for reading this,

- Guillermo

10 Seconds, Explained

November 12th, 2013 | Posted by Memo in Anger - (0 Comments)

Anger is a killing thing: it kills the man who angers, for each rage leaves him less than he had been before – it takes something from him. – Louis L’Amour


When I was young(er), there was a commercial on the Mexican TV.  I’m not sure how many of you are old enough to remember or actually watched Mexican channels, but it was a commercial talking about anger control.

As I remember it, there was some man doing some kind of stressful activity and his careless son or daughter would come in and drop something on his work, whatever that was.  The man became furious!  He would turn around showing a closed fist and anger in his face and then the screen would flash while you could hear a beep and a voice telling you to count to 10.  After that, the dad would realize that his son had not messed his project up on purpose and that it was just accidental.  He explained calmly to his son that he should be more careful. They didn’t talk about consequences, but that’s for another blog entry.  Actually, false memories would be another great topic since I am not exactly sure that’s how the commercial actually was presented.

Behind all the cheesiness that an 80s commercial could give you, the message was correct, but the reasons were not fully explained.  It turns out that this was not a fluke after all.  There is a part of our brain called the frontal lobe which is in charge of our emotions, reasoning, problem solving, planning and some of our speech.  When we’re angry, the frontal lobe shuts down and that’s when some people explode!  The angrier we get, the more our frontal lobe shuts down and then we get even angrier.

Well, it turns out that it takes 10 seconds of further inactivity for our frontal lobe to be useful once again.  Inactivity means that we need to stop feeding that anger with more negative thoughts or even more stimulation.  Breathing is one way to stop feeding that anger.

For beginners, a way to do it could be to physically remove ourselves from a situation and with eyes closed, breath in very deeply while counting to 10 (or 50 in some cases).  The important part is to create a habit of awareness of what we do or say and not doing anything that we might regret.  Once we have created said habit, we could count to 10 right on the spot breathing very deeply with our eyes open or closed, our choice.

The more we are aware of our anger, the less we’ll hurt others and ourselves in a relationship of any kind, and the more we will be able to care for those we love.  So, the next time you begin to feel angry, remember about the cheesy commercial I told you about and count to 10 and enjoy.

- Guillermo

Civilians Celebrating Veterans Day

November 7th, 2013 | Posted by Memo in Military - (0 Comments)

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. – Marcos T. Cicero


A friend of mine (we’ll call him Mike) who had joined the military was on his way back to his assigned base from bootcamp with his family.  They decided to eat at a food court in a mall at Atlanta, Georgia.  After ordering, an older gentleman interrupted Mike’s conversation with the cashier to let him know that he, the gentleman, is a U.S. military veteran and that he knew what the men and women in uniform have to go through everyday and that Mike could consider his meal paid as a form of gratitude for his services.  Mike described this interaction as an unforgettable, humbling moment that made him feel that his sacrifice is not in vein.

On November 11, we will celebrate Veterans Day, a day that has been observed since a little after World War I.  It is a day meant to remember and give thanks to those that have been a part of the military throughout the years and have served in every capacity.  In the previous story, it was the veteran that gave thanks, but this upcoming Monday, why not let it be us thanking the vets?

Any gesture will do.  Of course they will not be as easy to recognize since they are not in uniform anymore, but if you know of any friend or family member, buy them lunch, clean their porch, walk their dog, write them a letter, give them a card, hang out, call them or just give say thanks.

Not only does our military have to deal with the stress during battle, but also everywhere else.  It is very hard for them to reajust to everyday life after coming back from being deployed, or moving to yet another city.  Once they come back, many feel like strangers in their own home and they have to deal with new challenges with their workplace, friends, family, and whatever is left from what baggage they are carrying back from the wars.

A token of appreciation would be very welcome then and it could make a difference in their lives.  Maybe we could be thankful to our veterans everyday and not just one day a year.  Anything will do and they will appreciate it more than we can imagine.

- Guillermo


Marriage Seminar

October 4th, 2013 | Posted by Anastacia Martinez in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a training in Dallas. It was sponsored by National Marriage Seminars and it was called Gottamn Method Couples Therapy Level 1: Bridging the Couple Chasm.

When it comes to anger, either in adults, children or as a couple,  it is easy to ignore any other feeling behind it. Could it be sadness, shame, hurt,depression or any other feeling that might make the angry person feel vulnerable.

When we look behind the smoke screen of anger, we might realize that this is about a lot more than what is being presented at that moment. A feeling so threatening, that is it hard  to reach for

it and express it as it is., and it might leave us confused.

So next time you feel angry, ask yourself- What other feeling can I be experiencing right now? and open the conversation to other venues.



Memorial Day‎

Memorial Day

May 20th, 2013 | Posted by Anastacia Martinez in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

As Memorial Day approaches- I would like to take a moment to thank our Military for their service. As a provider- I am in contact with a lot of Military personnel- in my office

and in my previous service as a counseling consultant on a variety of Military Posts around the world- I do appreciate what you do on a daily basis.

This day, also serves in Remembrance, of all those who have passed through this life, leaving their mark on this earth and in our lives.

May you rest in peace.



Time to create some happy memories with your children- get them away from the TV and video games. Our children need time to

enjoy themselves, bond with us and learn to socialize. do not wait until they get bored and start fighting, prevention is a better

intervention. On the other hand, children cannot be entertained all the time- so we can teach them to entertain themselves.

There are even times when they need to bear boredom- like everyone else- and that is o.k. too.

Is porn substituting real love for fantasies- or can the love co-exist with it. Many wives asks themselves this question. The injury of a husband’s porn watching can leave a wife feeling insecure. She might be comparing her physique to those of porn stars and end up feeling unattractive. To add insult to injury, her husband is most likely not interested in having sex with her. In her mind then, her fears are confirmed- her husband does not love her anymore. What I know is that men addicted to porn, do not want to leave their wives, and they do claim love for them.

It is hard to see through all the flaws and to identify and experience such a love. A lot of work may have to be done in getting a couple closer. It is possible though, many couples do make that commitment.