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Thanking the New Beginnings

November 26th, 2013 | Posted by Memo in Uncategorized

Show no fear
For she may fade away…
In your hand
The birth of a new day…

- Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey “The Never Ending Story”


Have you ever felt that when things go bad you have a bad day and things get worse so your day gets worse?  It’s like a never ending cycle that keeps going forever and ever.  It seems impossible to stop thinking about how things are going wrong for us, doesn’t it?

“I woke up late, so I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast.  I was rushing through traffic, but some people decide to go slow on the left lane of the highway.  I’m still hungry.  Finally made it to work to find that I have a new pile of projects waiting on my desk while I haven’t finished yesterday’s work!  My boss is mean to me, my wife is mean to me, even my dog seems to be indifferent now.  It’s freezing and I have an allergy.  It’s not even 9 o’clock yet and yes, I’m still hungry…..”

This is everyday life for some.  It even irritates us that Joe from the accounting department is mostly in a good mood.  How could he have no problems at all?  Who wouldn’t like to trade places with someone else for a day?

Well, maybe if we got to see what Joe is going through we could point out many troubles throughout his life.  Ailing mother, debts, a side business that didn’t make it, rusty pipes at home that would cost thousands of dollars to fix, etc.  How would we react?  Would we be able to be in a good mood?  Perhaps it’s not his life or even ours that makes a difference, perhaps is just us.  Could I have a bad moment during the day?  Definitely!  Should it make or break my day?  Well, that’s a different story and entirely up to you.

Changing a habit is not easy, any habit.  Having a bad day everyday or almost everyday is a habit worth changing.  Breaking the cycle of a mentality that could even affect our physical health.  Our job as mental health providers is to help the client out from a third person perspective, but everyone can begin the process at any point before even setting foot in our office.

One way to do it is to be thankful.  I have found that a list of gratitude sets the pace of change.  Maybe Joe is thankful for having many years of enjoying his now sick mother.  Maybe the business he had left him with accounting experience he’s able to use in his work.  He also seems to have a home where pipes need to be fixed, but it’s still a home.

Here’s today’s challenge.  Can you find things that you are grateful for?  If it does feel hard to, would you at least be able to be thankful for just waking up?  It’s a small step, and huge or tiny, a step is a step towards change.

Thanksgiving is here and it’s time to start to get rid of old unhealthy habits and creating new ones.  Learning to set our day instead of the situations doing so.  It’s never too late!

Thank you for reading this,

- Guillermo

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