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What Anger Can Tell Us

March 13th, 2013 | Posted by Anastacia Martinez in Anger

Do you imagine what it would be like to not feel physical pain at all. Most people would probably say “Yeah!”  However, pain warns us of danger- a broken back, a stomach virus. Without pain, we would not be aware of a problem. By the time we make it to the doctor, or the MRI test- it could be too late to remedy or , at least, address a problem.

Well, I see a similarity between that physical pain and anger- the kind that can be destructive.

Without anger, we would not know when something is not going well in ourselves or in our surroundings- yes, there are other feelings that can express a situation- but anger is that feeling that- if not acknowledged- can turn out to be destructive.

Notice that there are not  “ Depression” classes’ or “Guilt ”classes, but we do have, and Court Judges order people to “Anger Management” classes.  It is about controlling it, not about ignoring it.

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