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Plastics and plastic-based composites are at the center of the search for alternative decking materials. Plastic's . a producer of materials subjected to secondary manufacturing processes, such as cutting, must try to minimize tool wear as much .

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Producing pvc decking is a relatively difficult process called co-extrusion. The deck board core is coated and bound with an outer plastic shell, but the materials can be temperamental and hard to work with.

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14 Nov 2017 . Composite board manufacturers use one of two different process to make deck boards. One is extrusion, whereby the wood/plastic pulp is heated until the plastic melts then forced through an opening with the cross-section of .

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11 Jan 2015 . solid wpc decking production machine line,WPC machine line, extrusion process for wpc profiles,WPC profile extrusion line, Extrusion machine for WPC profiles, Wood plastic profile extrusion machine, WPC Machinery, WPC .

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the Sustainable Wood Production Initiative of the Focused Science Delivery Program,. U.S. Forest . potential uses. The markets for WPC decking lumber have been . The WPC manufacturing process, with extrusion forming. A twin-screw .

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27 Jan 2009 . WPC Wood Plastic Composite production video using the state of the art "Plug&Play" material blending and drying process. This process gives the ability to ut.

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Composite (WPC) decking was born. From this point each manufacturer has added their own secret ingredients to add additional benefits to the product. WPC decking is manufactured via an extrusion process, simply all the ingredients .

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31 Jul 2013 . The following table shows the LCIA per functional unit for pvc (156 kg), virgin WPC (266 kg), recycled WPC (266 .. Figure 3-4: Cradle-to-gate manufacturing process diagram for cellular pvc decking (Mahalle and O'Connor .

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Manufacturers likewise snipe over the choices that decking producers made with their manufacturing processes. Lately, the biggest argument is over capstockthe plastic substance that has recently begun to be applied to composite decks, .

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25 Sep 2013 . https://www.fiberondecking.com/ Fiberon composite decking is made from locally-sourced recycled plastic, . are free of the toxic chemicals often found in pressure-treated lumber and are manufactured in a process that .

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15 Dec 2014 . We offer complete production lines with extruders optimized for the requirements of a wide range of . . The fiberEX extruders' modular concept ensures flexibility for the two-step process as well as direct extrusion. In this .

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1 Nov 2007 . And here's the rub: Each manufacturer has its own secret recipe and method of production. Plastic ingredients. As much as three-quarters of all wood-plastic composite decking is made with polyethylene (recycled or virgin), .

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1 Sep 2016 . Did you know that our composite decking is made with recycled plastics from discarded items like plastic bags and detergent bottles? These items are combined with post-industrial wood flour (wood shavings left over from .

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Wood Plastic Composite decking. manufacturing process. Page 2. Courtesy of WMEL, Washington State University, www.wmel.wsu.edu. 2. What are Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC)?. Combination of Wood-Plastic. Thermoplastic- HDPE .

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Typically manufacturers recommend cleaning WPC decks twice each year. Most people do not . The process of applying the cap is called co-extrusion, so these products are also sometimes referred to as co-extruded decking. The cap-stock .

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With pvc decking, composite decking, capped composite decking, and a complete line of supporting materials for . Produced using sustainable manufacturing processes, Fiberon decking is made from recycled materials and contains no .

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10 Jun 2011 . Making wood-plastic composite (WPC) and polyvinyl chloride (pvc) products is a lot like cooking barbecue: It's mainly about meat and heat, . at different times of year has different qualities, WPC deck firms constantly have to test the materials and adjust their recipes. . You can make WPCs and pvcs without additives, but the process would be hard and the end product pretty ugly.