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Find the square footage of any space or shape by entering the dimensions of the area and calculate costs by entering the price per square foot.

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Calculate board footage by multiplying a board's thickness x width x length then divide by 144. Find the lumber price using the price per board foot. . Board footage calculator and Hardwood price Estimator .. Cylinder Cubic Yardage calculator · Concrete calculator and price Estimator · Roofing Material calculator · How to Calculate linear Feet · Post Hole Concrete calculator · Inch Fraction calculator .

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Find the price of each type of material (per foot) and multiply by the total linear foot value obtained for the type of material to find the .. If you have a special project, search for linear foot calculator and some brief description of your project.

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This simple calculator allows you to convert lineal feet to board feet (and vice versa).

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31 Mar 2015 . Square footage is a common unit of measurement, particularly in measuring areas of space, such as a room or house. Calculate square footage by multiplying the area's width by length, measured in feet. linear feet, on the .

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linear footage calculator Use this calculator to determine the linear footage (and yardage) of a roll of paper of a given basis weight. When filling in these fi.

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calculator Tools. Billing Unit . Billing Unit Conversion Formulas. price PER POUND TO price PER linear foot: ÷. x. x 12 = $ per linear foot . MSI price TO price PER SQUARE foot: 144 ÷ 1000 x. = $ per Square foot. MSI price .

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30 Aug 2017 . Between MSI, lineal feet, pounds of material, square inches, sheet units, M weight, and price-per-hundred . To help simplify your projects, here are a few handy formulas, calculators, and conversions that you can bookmark.

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added, as the basis of converting cost per piece. For lengths, other than those tabulated, the formula for converting lineal feet to board feet is: T x W x L = Board feet 12. BOARD FEET. (ROUNDED TO NEAREST 100TH). LINEAL. FEET. PER.

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27 Apr 2018 . To convert the area of a surface to the number of linear feet of material you need to cover it, divide the area by the width of the material. . Here's a calculator to Help You . you have to cover to the number of linear feet of lumber you need provides the information you need to estimate the cost of the project.

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Lumber Pricing calculator . (Thousand Board foot). Quantity / Amount of Lumber to be priced. PC (Pieces), LNFT (linear foot), BDFT (Board foot), MBFT (Thousand Board foot). Lumber Dimensions. Inches. X. Inches. X. Feet, Inches. reset.

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Timber/Beam calculator - Calculate Board Feet, Calculate BF. . Trestlewood Timber/Lumber calculators. Coverage Area . Height (inches), Width (inches), Length (feet), # Pieces, Board Feet (BF), linear Feet (LF), Square Feet (SF) .

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For instance, if you had 3, 6 foot 2 x 4s and 4, 8 foot 2 x 4s, you would enter 50 feet, 0 inches, 2 depth, 4 width and a quantity of 1. The total number of lineal feet will be displayed as one of the results. If you wish to know the total cost of the .

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Lumber Pricing calculator. Calculate total cost of board footage, linear footage, or pieces from any known unit of measure. Convert any known $/UOM to any other coded $/UOM. Unit of measures available include: Thousand Board Feet .

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Board foot calculator. Return to G5506. Instructions Fill out all of the . feet. 4. Number of boards (optional). 5. price per board foot (optional). A. Total board feet (BF) = (( line 1 x line 2 x line 3 ) ÷ 12 ) x line 4, 0.00. B. Cost = line 5 x line A, $0.00 .