making foam decoys

How to burlap blank foam duck decoy bodies - YouTube

Jan 23, 2017 . A video teaching you how to burlap foam decoys. Homer Decoys gives you a step by step how to burlap foam decoys.

Foam Decoy Body part 1 cutting and gluing - YouTube

Jan 21, 2012 . A short video on how to set up a block from faomboard for carving a decoy.

Foam decoy part 3 heads - YouTube

Feb 5, 2012 . selecting a style of head for your decoy. . Foam decoy part 3 heads .. Decoy Carving Cork & Cedar: Pitboss Waterfowl with Capt. Jeff Coats.

Foam Decoy Body part 2 shaping the decoy - YouTube

Jan 22, 2012 . Mold Making and Casting: Casting R2 Rigid Foam - Duration: 6:26. Brick In The Yard Mold Supply 1,367,709 views · 6:26 · How to make a duck.

Sculpting and Carving Foam - YouTube

Jan 23, 2013 . Styrofoam is one of the most popular sculpting mediums for the props artisan. I filmed myself as I made a small sculpted piece out of foam,. View topic - Making your own Foam Decoys. Pictures

Dec 10, 2010 . Making your own Foam decoys is VERY inexpensive and can be a LOT of fun. Good way to spend some of these winter evenings :D I use solid.

Eps Decoy molding video - YouTube

Jun 30, 2015 . Eps Decoy molding video. waterfowl_works . How To Mold and Cast Foam Props! - Duration: . I Like To Make Stuff 470,409 views · 17:41.

Making A Decoy Tough.wmv - YouTube

Mar 7, 2012 . I started making my own foam decoys this year. It's a time consuming prospect, so I want the decoys as tough as is possible. I know some guys.

Foamer Decoy Tutorial a Black and a Mallard | Steven Jay Sanford

May 4, 2016 . Here is a step-by-step of how I went about making a pair of oversize puddler . of marine epoxy and sawdust to protect the insulation board foam.

How to Make Your Own Duck Hunting Decoys | Outdoor Life

Aug 27, 2012 . Here are five waterfowl decoys for divers, dabblers, and geese that you can make yourself. That way you can save your hard-earned cash for.