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Multi-unit Community Renovation and exterior repair are Silicon Valley Builders Group's specialties. . Work Performed: Chimney Reconstruction, siding and trim replacement, incorporation of flashing Details, Stringer Replacement, Complete landing and balcony . make all the necessary repairs and update the look and feel of the enclosures all while using the existing frame structure to help save cost.

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Deck flashing diverts water runoff from the side of the building away from the ledger board, which is the joist that's attached to the side of your house. The flashing, made of vinyl or galvanized steel, seldom corrodes, but it can get moldy.

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While balconies provide outdoor space for fun or relaxation, their flat surface is susceptible to damage that acts much like a . There was no flashing, screw holes were rusted and exposed and waterproofing material was improperly installed in .

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22 Jun 2015 . When should home & building owners be concerned about balcony and deck construction defects? . at times contractors, or homeowners, take shortcuts in their building processes in order to follow tight schedules and maintain costs. . The defects found included improper maintenance; improper flashing of the doors, windows, and rail caps; inadequate . contractors and construction administration services of the construction or repair project should be included.

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Our balcony waterproofing services in Katy, TX keep your balcony and your living spaces safe from water damage. Learn more here. . how much does it cost to do roof repair in Katy, TX? Image related to Roof . Often, we can get the job done with a little tar, a little flashing, and a few roofing nails. Bottom line.don't be .

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Our balcony waterproofing services in Katy, TX keep your balcony and your living spaces safe from water damage. . More often than not, repairs or patching will be all you need. In the greater Houston area, the most common causes of leaks are satellite dishes, plumbing vents, and flashing . We will provide a detailed estimate of the exact problems, as well as the cost of roof repairs at no charge. a leak .

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3 Feb 2011 . a bad and easily correctable flashing detail led to $150000.00 in repair costs. . as can be seen from the photos, the trapped moisture in the balcony deck systems took only three years to degrade the structural framing from .

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16 Dec 2015 . In this guide, we examine the cost of repairing a roof leak in a 10'x10' area, which entails replacing the plywood, asphalt shingles, and flashing where the leak has occurred. The average cost of this is $630.

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Deck flashing errors & deck collapse & deck/balcony flashing repair advice: here we provide a case study of the effects of . What Happens if the Builder Omits Proper flashing & Waterproofing at a Deck or balcony Ledger Board . The repair cost for this home, just associated with damage caused by improper deck construction, stands at $10,000.00 to .. Particular thanks were due to the many experts and also consumers who read and critique technical articles at

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The biggest problem is that it can take years before de structural distress becomes visible, making any repair or waterproofing . Balconies are vulnerable as many other exterior building to decay because of rainfall, however, because of their unique . after the wood framing is constructed, the waterproofing installation begins with flashing the door openings. . install some of the most desired roof systems while always working to get it done in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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3 Jul 2012 . This job was a for a client with a challenging issue, but one that we see quite often at Legacy Flat Roofing. There was a flat roof surface which was part of a deck that needed to be replaced or repaired due to it being very old, .

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The metal will need to be repaired or replaced and then sealed in place. The cost of the job will depend on how much flashing needs repairing or replacing, as well as how long it takes to locate the problem piece of flashing. The problem may .

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29 apr 2018 . Moderate repairs are likely fixing and/or sealing fixtures on the roof and replacing shingles and flashing around . Metal Roofs cost on average $500 to $1,500 to repair improper installation, fix loose seams or address any .

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9 Mar 2017 . Many times, homeowners looking to renovate their homes have pulled an aging door only to reveal siding, . Most of the time, the resulting damage is not only destructive, but it's also expensive and time-consuming to repair. . Building a waterproof deck cost money, but imagine the amount of money it would cost you on maintenance if you did not have a proper or any flashing system.

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Homeadvisor's Roof repair cost Guide surveys homeowners to reveal the average price for repairing leaks, loose shingles, . but even heavy asphalt shingles can peel up and blow away, leaving your underlayment and roof deck exposed to the elements. . Chimney/skylight step flashing -- Chimney flashing can leak if high winds pull it away from your chimney or roof, or if the sealant is compromised.

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16 Feb 2015 . 2nd Story balcony repair and Waterproofing In San Diego - In this video you will a complete balcony re-sheet and installation of waterproofing material on an.

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how much does balcony waterproofing cost? . The costs vary from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. . Next, we install stainless steel flashing on the inside perimeter of the balcony with stainless steel ring shanked nails .

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4 Mar 2015 . balcony assembly: Tile installation with drainage, waterproofing, and uncoupling . Complete assembly with balcony finishing profile, control joint profile, and drainage channel. . Comments are disabled for this video.

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30 Nov 2013 . Balconies have many of the same details as other portions of the exterior building envelope, but there are also . Preservative-treated wood can enhance durability at additional costfor the wood deck, columns, . after the wood framing is constructed, the waterproofing installation begins with flashing the door openings (Figure 2). .. I am looking for an inexpensive way to fix this issue.