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wood floor maintenance, garden furniture cleaning, etc. Guidance on how to properly protect and preserve the beauty of your indoor and outdoor wood. . spots from oak wood. See how easy and fast it is to remove black spots from oak wood.

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And as long as you care for them properly, they'll continue to beautify your home for a long time. A few mistakes, though, can shorten the life of your floors. Make sure you're not making these common mistakes that can ruin a lovely wood floor.

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Choosing the best hardwood floor cleaners can be tricky. These 7 solutions make it easy to clean any kind of wood floors without harming them.

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9 Jul 2015 . No matter what type of wood flooring you have, the NWFA advises against using cleaning products meant for vinyl or tile flooring. Their take: Self-polishing acrylic waxes are not recommended for cleaning hardwood floors, .

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8 outdoor Flooring Options for Style & Comfort: Find the perfect outdoor flooring option for. Probably . Listen, we all know wood is notorious for being high-maintenance. Expansion .

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Engineered floors are created from several layers of wood veneer pressed tightly together. One advantage of . to Clean Hardwood floors. Learn how to care for hardwood floors by using these natural cleaners and following these simple tips.

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30 Jun 2017 . Taking proper care of hardwood floors is essential if you want them to last a long time. Routine cleaning is the . When routine cleaning no longer restores the floor's shine, it's time to recoat the surface. How often you need to . gets on your floor. Position them inside and outside your home's exterior doors.

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Hardwood floors are desirable not only because they are classic and beautiful, but also because they are easy to . Many types of hardwood floors actually develop a patina that improves their appearance with age as long as the right steps are taken to care for it. Door mat and hardwood floors. Caring for your hardwood floors starts outside your home. . How often hardwood floors need to be refinished depends in large part on how much wear and maintenance the floors receive.

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How to Clean wood floors . Think about all the abuse your wood floors get just because they take it lying down. . Other no-no's: strong vinegar or baking soda solutions that can degrade polyurethane, and glow enhancers that sound as if they would work on your hair. . Floor installer Michael Dittmer, who lives outside Chicago, dispatches a robot vac daily to keep an eye on his entire first floor. Then I .

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Therefore, proper wood floor cleaning is essential, if you want to maintain the beauty and strength of your floors for a long time. With a bit of effort, your wood floors can look amazing, no matter how much wear and usage they are exposed to.

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Learn how to care for hardwood floors by using these natural cleaners and following these simple tips. Pinterest; Facebook . Put doormats inside and outside exterior doors to cut down on the dirt and moisture tracked in. Avoid scratches by .

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14 Jan 2018 . Your clients can't go wrong by choosing to install wood as flooring for their outdoor living space. Although wood may require more maintenance than something like concrete, there's no disputing it: wood is the most beautiful .

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. looking fresh. Learn how to clean wood floors with smart cleaning methods that will make caring for wood floors and maintaining their good looks even easier. . Place floor mats both outside and inside exterior doors to lessen tracked-in dirt. In snowy or . Dark spots and pet stains: Rub the spot with No. 000 steel wool .

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20 Apr 2012 . Help your wood floors stay gorgeous by learning how to keep stains, dullness and warping at bay. . Most surface-sealed floors are stain- and water-damage resistant and easy to care for and clean. . As a general guide, if your floor has a wax finish, rub off the stain with steel wool or cotton, working from the outside of the stain inwards; for even tougher stains, you may need to use fine .

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From brick to cedar decking to concrete pavers, outdoor flooring options can quickly get complicated, but when you consider the pros and cons of each, it's simple to choose a type of flooring and style that fits your space and your budget.

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25 Apr 2012 . Apparently she has been getting conflicting advice on how best to clean them. Well, while I don't have personal experience with cleaning wood floors, I have spent a good amount of time now researching it and have been . Position mats both outside and inside exterior doors to lessen tracked-in dirt.

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Most pre-finished wood floors are sealed with polyurethane, and the polymers in the revitalizer will fill in the small scratches and cover the floor with a thin.

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Good advice on how to care for your wooden flooring. . 'Soap your floor' means mopping your wood floor with WOCA Natural Soap - a wood soap designed to clean and protect oil finished . easy maintenance of oil finished wood floors.