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27 Oct 2017 . When it comes to deck construction one of the first steps is selecting the right decking material. . Natural woods are also great for wet climates, and for those with pools, because although the wood will absorb a little water, .

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5 Jun 2018 . Composite decking is an environmentally friendly lumber alternative that combines plastic and wood fiber. . There are lots of good reasons why aluminum is a near-perfect decking material: it's weather resistant, won't rot or .

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24 Mar 2017 . Find the best deck material. We test . While wood is the most popular type of decking, other materials are catching on with homeowners. Here are four . Wood and aluminum resisted slips best in our wet and dry friction tests.

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19 Dec 2017 . Lumber and hardware used to build a deck must be up to the task of standing up to water and other weather . Composite decking makes a good choice for a completely weatherproof deck. .. May be susceptible to moss or algae growth in shady, moist locations; Can be hard to clean, especially the .

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If you're looking to perfect your yard with a new deck, learn the pros and cons of the various patio decking materials . The original and still most common decking option, wood is natural, strong, easy to install and feels good under bare feet. . Composites aren't as stiff as wood, and they move more in response to changes in temperature. . Its non-slip surface actually becomes less slippery when wet.

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IPE is very very nice and really good material. As to your concern of slipping then using an anti slip decking oil will be most effective. Be sure to look at DD5/DD6 Anti-slip specially designed for this use. And protects from .

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26 Mar 2018 . We'll explore what's the best decking material for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. . A Combination of Style and Durability: High-quality composite does very well in rainy climates, but, of course, all the functionality and .

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Here are some deck ideas to help restore the balance, even when it's wet and rainy. Anyone from the Pacific Northwest will tell you that, as troublesome as rainy seasons can be, a good rain is cathartic for your soul. It's a wonder then that more .

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14 Mar 2011 . Choosing decking materials specific to your local climate can help your deck look great and function well for longer. Take a look to learn more.

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24 May 2018 . . some areas are dry desert. Get the best decking materials suited for the Australian climate. . Some areas in Australia have a temperate climate, while others are home to a more wet tropical climate. Yet others feature a dry .

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11 May 2017 . Moisture-resistant decking is almost a necessity in hot, humid climates like Georgia, and fully-capped . Instead, the top of composite decking is often coated with a plastic capping material that isn't used on the bottom of the .

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16 Feb 2018 . In the saturated climate of the Pacific Northwest and in other humid areas of the country, decking that is built to be waterproof from the outset--such as waterproof composite decking material--will make for a longer lasting, .

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When the material hits the jobsite it is very saturated (wet) with the fluid used in the PT process. . any appreciable amounts of moisture so the shrinking issue of PT wood does not exist (Though composites do minimally expand and contract with changes in temperature). . If you have an existing PT deck, look at the rail and notice how the top cap is far more damaged than the vertical posts and pickets.

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Both have some resistance to rot but will require wood treatment in order to last in wet climates. Both woods are quite soft and subject to some foot traffic damage. These materials are best suited for the decking surfaces and not for the deck .

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24 Mar 2017 . decking materials for Temperature Swings: Choosing decking for Colorado's Rocky Mountain Area . of Finland, and the rainy climes of the Pacific Northwest, but I haven't yet been in a place that combines elements of all of . The solution for wooden decks is a strong sealer, generally applied every other year or so, depending on the wood, the climate, and the type of sealer that is used.

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21 Nov 2017 . When you're looking for the best composite decking for cold climates, choose a product that's dense and extremely moisture resistant. . Composite decking is exactly what it says: a composite material. In this case, it's a . One complaint about early composite decking was that it got slippery when wet.

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Before you start your construction, consider these 5 most popular picks for the best decking materialand the pros and cons for each. . Ultimately, finding one that suits your space comes down to a compromise of four key factors: budget, climate, ease of maintenance, and . hot in direct sunlight; mold and mildew can grow in shady, cool, or damp areas; and the surface can be quite slick when wet.

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18 May 2017 . If you live in a moist climate like I do, you're probably no stranger to moss, mold, and lichen. And while I . One of the best composite decking materials on the market is Infinity decking, produced by fortress deck. It's built to .

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Need to decide which deck materials are best for you? . We'll look at them individually as you decide what material is best for your deck and your wallet. . It will weather to a silvery gray color, but will not splinter and will remain smooth.

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6 Jun 2017 . However, thanks to an explosion of composite lumber, plastic decking and hardwood imports, there's now a dizzying array of .. Mold and mildew can grow in shady, damp areas of the deck, and some composites can eventually show signs of decay, . Aluminum can't catch fire, wood-boring bugs hate it, and it's cryogenically strong, meaning it doesn't get brittle in extremely cold weather.