how water on ships deck drains out

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A scupper is an opening in the side walls of an open-air structure, for purposes of draining water. They are usually placed at or near ground level, and allow rain or liquids to flow off the side of the open-air structure, instead of pooling within the walls. Ship's bulwark and scupper in Russian and English. There are two main kinds of scuppers: ships have scuppers at deck level, to allow for ocean or rainwater drain off.

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In traditional nautical use, well decks were decks lower than decks fore and aft, usually at the main deck level, so that breaks appear in the main . ""Well deck" means a weather deck fitted with solid bulwarks that impede the drainage of water over the sides or an exposed . By taking on water the ship can lower its stern, flooding the well deck and allowing boats, amphibious vehicles and landing craft to .

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The bilge is the lowest compartment on a ship or seaplane, below the waterline, where the two sides meet at the keel. The first known use of the word is from 1513. Contents. 1 Bilge water; 2 Bilge maintenance; 3 Bilge alarm; 4 See also; 5 References; 6 External links. Bilge water[edit]. The word is sometimes also used to describe the water that collects in this area. water that does not drain off the side of the deck or through a thru hull, typically via a scupper, drains down into the . The collected water must be pumped out to prevent the bilge from becoming too full and threatening to sink the ship.


arise if loose water from leakage, fire-extinguishing water, etc., were present in such spaces except that Administrations . The vehicle space situated on the bulkhead deck of a Ro/Ro ship which extends for a substantial proportion of the ship's .

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Designed to drain water from floors of bass, pontoon and other open deck boats. May also be used to vent lockers and refrigerator cabinets and also as a grille for enclosed horns and speakers. Note: Avoid contact with acetone or strong .

Drainage System

aboard ship to provide a film of flowing water over all. immediate vicinity. A 1 l/2-inch . effectiveness, the water washdown system should be. water washdown system, portable . plumbing and deck drains. Between them, these. systems .

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Products 1 - 36 of 52 . This is our range of through hull boat drains, flapper valves, scuppers and deck drain plugs that are available from . Brass Countersunk Boat deck Drain 3/8" . Seaflow White Plastic Drain Plug Assembly (25mm Cut out).

1320 Guidelines for the drainage of fire-fighting water - Netherlands .

Guidelines for the drainage of fire-fighting water from closed vehicle and ro-ro spaces and special category spaces of passenger and cargo ships, as set out in the annex. Member Governments are invited to apply the annexed Guidelines .

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A drain is the primary vessel or conduit for unwanted water or waste liquids to be flumed away, either to a more useful area, funnelled into a . A112.6.3 Floor and Trench drains; A112.6.4 Roof, deck, and Balcony drains .

IMO Ref. T4/4.01 MSC.1/Circ.1320 11 June 2009 GUIDELINES FOR .

11 Jun 2009 . special category spaces of passenger and cargo ships, as set out in the annex. 2. Member Governments are invited . Freeing ports are openings in the bulwarks on the open deck to allow water to drain directly overboard. 2.5.

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16 Apr 2004 . EXAMPLES. Floor drain, in the washbasin, in the bathtub and shower basin, in the water closet and urinal. . a point where the sewage disposal pipes terminate and the wastewater is passed out of the ship, as for instance an .

ISO 15749-1:2004(en), Ships and marine technology Drainage .

Drainage of weather decks, cargo holds and swimming pools is covered by ISO 15749-5. . off-running water which has undergone change due to use, as for instance sewage (contaminated water), water from precipitation, seawater and condensation .. a point where the sewage disposal pipes terminate and the wastewater is passed out of the ship, as for instance an overboard wastewater discharge .

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21 Jul 2016 . Lesson 2. Air bottles are important for supplying air to the marine engine air starting system and for other important purposes. on a new ship, it was found that we were draining water not from the Air bottle bottom drain but from .

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18 Jul 2016 . . winter conditions, all fresh and sea water lines on deck of a product tanker, including the tank cleaning lines drains, . Real Incident on Ship: Oil Cargo Spill From Tank Washing Line Drain Cock . The crew found that cargo was coming out through the open drain cock on the tank cleaning line branch to 5 .

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. circular opening or window through the ship's, or deck house, for light or ventilation. Amidships ----At or near the midship section of the ship. . to chamfer. Bilge ----Curved section between the bottom and the side of a ship; the recess into which all water drains. Bilge Blocks . outside of the shell plating along the bilge, to.

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. level to allow water to run off. 2. An opening for draining off water, as from a floor or the roof. . 1. an opening at the edge of a ship's deck that allows accumulated water to drain away into the sea or into the bilges. 2. a drain, closed by one or .

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19 May 2015 . In this video I recap how I glassed in the stringers with fiberglass as well as installing the deck frames (also known as bulkheads). Then watch as I discuss.

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Much of it tuns off the deck but some of it finds its way into the inside of the ship all drains lead to the bilge for that, too. The bilge is at the . water comes out of the side of the hull from what is termed an overboard discharge. The main one .

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17-1 deck DRAINAGE DESIGN. 1. Run-Off Analysis. When disposal of storm water from a major structure is to be made into facilities belonging to or under the control of a . A grate inlet in a sag operates first as a weir having a crest length roughly equal to the outside perimeter. (P) along .. deck drainage scuppers in bridge barrier railings on grade are designed as curb-opening inlets. To determine.


Since vital piping mains are run below the armor deck or below other structure for protection, key valves frequently are in locations difficult to reach. . Pneumatic-control systems also have been installed on drainage and fire-main valves of some ships, but such a system operates .. Remember particularly that cut-out valves in risers supplying fire plugs, fire-fighting equipment, water curtains and hangar .