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composite slabs with profiled steel sheeting have been designed to BS 5950-4 and the profiled decking used for those slabs to . Concrete infill adds significantly to the compression resistance of the bare steel section by sharing the load and .

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Research results related to the behavior of hollow composite steel-concrete members under short-term loading are well known. . Min Yu, Xiaoxiong Zha, Jianqiao Ye, Chunyan SheA unified formulation for hollow and solid concrete-filled steel tube columns under axial compression . J. Kleiza, R. alnaDetermination of stiffness of the connections of composite steel and concrete bridge deck by the limit .

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The specified concrete compressive strength shall not be less than 3000 psi (21. MPa). The maximum compressive strength used to calculate the strength of the composite deck-slab shall not exceed 6000 psi (42 MPa). User Note: load tables .

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18 Oct 2017 . load Capacities of Steel and Concrete composite Bridge deck Slab with Haunch .. In order to evaluate the effects of both compressive strength and tensile strength of concrete on the behavior of SCC bridge deck slab, the .


for Wood-Plastic composite deck Boards and Guardrail Systems (Guards or. Handrails), ASTM International. . Tread of Stairs: Concentrated load: 750 lbf/sq.ft., and 1/8 max. deflection . compression Perpendicular ASTM D143. 1437 psi.

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1 Dec 2008 . structed using composite steel deck with concrete fill, although . lateral loads in composite floor systems has gone largely undocu- mented. The intent of . cally, the floor slab concrete can resist the compression chord forces.

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Trex composite decking is a wood thermoplastic composite lumber (WTCL) deck board and fascia, with an .. the code-prescribed concentrated load of 300 lbf (1.33 kN) . Compressive stress perpendicular to longitudinal direction (Fc)2.

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4. Title and Subtitle. Laminate Specification and Characterization: composite. Bridge decking. 5. Report Date. January 2012. 6. . characteristics under tensile loading but little or no compressive or shear capacity when acting in isolation.

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to 3 roof and composite floor deck, to concrete form deck, to long spanning .. Based on 30 to 40psf uniform vertical load and L/240 deflection limit. Exceeds 40psf . buckling compression flanges or web elements of the steel deck and that .

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have proved to be effective in predicting load-deflection responses of composite deck slabs. The study showed that the strain and stress distributions are greatly affected by . strength of deck steel; f'c is concrete compressive strength. 480 .

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composite slabs consist of profiled steel decking with an in-situ reinforced concrete topping. . the decking fixings have been designed to carry the necessary loads and specified .. account of the thin steel elements in compression. Stiffeners .

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A composite system using steel deck and concrete is achieved by adding mechanical embossments to the web of the deck. In this system, the steel deck provides the tensile reinforcement while the concrete carries the compression loads.

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. of steel deck. Maximum concrete compression strain at ultimate strength éy . on the use of light gage-cold-formed steel members and decks as load carrying . be termed "composite steel-deck-reinforced concrete slab con struction" or may .

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McCabe, Thomas J., "Design Example on composite Steel deck Floor Slabs" (1975). International Specialty . the deck. S+ designates the top of the deck in compression and S-. 1structural Engineer, INRYCO, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 813 . The criteria states, "Additional concrete dead load due to deflection of the deck .

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ASTM D3410 Compressive Properties of composite Materials by Shear loading ASTM D3479 . ASTM D7032 Performance Ratings for Wood-Plastic composite deck Boards and Guardrail Systems (Guards or Handrails) ASTM D8019 .

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This paper shows the failure mechanism of steel-concrete composite bridge deck having studs and ribs subjected to repetitive . Considering a particular failure mechanism of the deck under moving load, setting a proper limit states and control level for .. to compression, tension, or shear transferring across crack.16) The .

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for Wood-Plastic composite deck Boards and Guardrail Systems (Guards or. Handrails), ASTM International. . Tread of Stairs: Concentrated load: 750 lbf/sq.ft., and 1/8 max. deflection . compression Perpendicular ASTM D143. 1437 psi.

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The high values of the compressive strength and specific compressive and tensile strengths perpendicular to the grain . The product commercially known as plastic lumber can be exclusively made of plastics or can be a plastic composite (). . solely wood-plastic composites, there is a global production growth trend (), where it is primarily used for decking (;). . for all other properties, wood is still more efficient than thermoplastic products and composites, i.e., to support a given load, .

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compressive stresses, while the metal deck resists tensile stresses depending on span and strength of the metal deck. .. 3.6 composite deck Failure. Failure of the simply supported composite deck under vertical loads is discussed herein.